Auto Insurance

For most people, having a car isn’t just a convenience but a necessity. And in Massachusetts, properly insuring and registering that vehicle, whether it’s a sedan, SUV or motorcycle, is also a necessity. Automobile insurance policies come with a variety of options, from the most basic coverage to more extensive protection against loss and liability. We at the PJ Lombardo Insurance Agency will counsel you, helping you make sense of the choices. We have years of experience with the MA registry process and can help you through it, and we also offer free registry services.

In addition to cars, trucks and motorcycles, we also provide policies for any other vehicle you may have on the road, such personal use trailers, like utility and boat trailers, and motorhomes (RVs). An accident with any one of these pieces of equipment could be costly in terms of repairs or medical bills. If you are looking for auto insurance or have questions about what amount of coverage is best for your situation, contact us today.