Homeowners Insurance

Not only is your home likely your biggest asset, but it’s also a source of security for you and your family. At the PJ Lombardo Insurance Agency, we will make sure your home, your possessions and any other structures, such as garages and sheds, have the proper coverage. A homeowners policy can protect you against many types of loss, including fire, theft, and personal liability, should an accident occur on your property.

New England has had its share of harsh weather in recent years, and improper insurance coverage can leave you vulnerable. Whether you live in a single-family house, condominium, or townhouse, even if you are a renter, a proper homeowners policy can provide some shelter against disaster. Unsure what level of homeowners protection you need? The options can be overwhelming. Contact the PJ Lombardo Insurance Agency and we will help you find the policy that lets you sleep at night.